Maintain negative DCAD levels prepartum. Bio-Chlor is the only consistently formulated, palatable anion source that drives bacterial growth to support rumen function and optimize metabolizable protein (MP). Bio-Chlor delivers the negative DCAD required to consistently acidify cows.

Bio-Chlor Food

Bio-Chlor Benefits

Supports dry matter intake (DMI) prepartum leading to less time diagnosing off-feed issues postpartum
Fewer resources needed to diagnose and treat subclinical/clinical issues associated with the transition period
Leads to higher start up milk

Dosage up to 900 gram per cow/day 21 days before calving depending on the cation, anion levels in the ration.

Bio-Chlor Down Calver is available as a nut or a concentrate. Call or email to find out which products would suit your system.

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