Silostop Anti-UV Cover

Silostop Anti-UV Cover

Silostop Anti-UV Cover Fitting
Improved for 2019 – Stronger, Heavier fabric

Silostop Anti-UV cover is 250gsm and standard sizes are 10m and 15m width and 12m, 16m and 18m length. Custom sizes are available on request.

Silostop Anti-UV Cover
Easy to use
Robust and long-lasting

Silostop re-usable Anti-UV cover offers strong and long-lasting protection for Silostop films. Designed with a tightly woven structure, Silostop Anti-UV cover prevents physical damage and provides UV protection to Silostop Oxygen Barrier films. Silostop Anti-UV cover is the perfect match for Silostop Orange.

Silostop Anti UV Cover Tio Tractor
SA Table Protect

Benefits of Anti-UV Covers

Can substantially reduce labour costs.
250gsm tight weave, High Density Polyethylene composition protects Silostop films from UV light and physical damage such as hail, birds and rodents.
UV protection (550KLY), with a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, depending on climate.
Silostop Anti-UV covers should be secured using Silostop Gravel bags to ensure maximum protection.