Equaliser Rumen Buffer

Equaliser Rumen Buffer

A blend of buffering agents, alkalising ingredients and flavouring to support rumen health and performance.

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Equaliser Rumen Buffer

Works at its best when it really matters

The most critical zone in the rumen in Ph 5-6
Equaliser has its highest buffering capacity in its critical zone
The graph below demonstrates how Equaliser absorbs more acid than competitors
Equaliser has 2.65 times the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate

Carefully Selected Ingredients – For Confidence & Peace of Mind

Each ingredient source is carefully selected on its buffering ability
Ongoing screening ensures each batch of Equaliser is of the highest quality
Feeding Instructions:

Dairy advised rate: 100 – 150g/head/day

Beef advised rate: 80 – 100g/head/day

Providing year-round support

Buffers have been traditionally associated with winter use, but Equaliser can deliver benefits for the herd all year round.

Spring – Maintain rumen health and animal performance, especially during periods of lush grazing.

Summer – Maintain performance during periods of heat stress.

Autumn – Dairy: Settle quickly to winter regime / Beef: Smooth transition to finishing diet.

Winter – Achieve maximum performance with minimum risk on high starch/sugar diets. Deal effectively with wet, acidic silages.

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