CZF Footbath

CZF Footbath - Sheep
CZF Plus – Footbath Solution

Disinfectant and Hardener for Footbaths

CZF Plus – Footbath solution is a disinfectant and hardener for use in footbaths.

It has been developed in collaboration with eminent podiatrists and is highly effective for the treatment of foot rot, especially in wet weather conditions.

Footbath Solution for Cattle:
Enough for 400 animals per bath
Low dosage (3 to 5%)
2 Treatments per week
CZF Footbath Foot Rot
CZF Footbath Cows
CZF Footbath Sheep
Footbath Solution for Goats & Sheep

Normally used as curative, but advisable as a preventive

Dosage: 5 to 10%
More effective than formalin
Allows up to 1,000 sheep per bath
As a preventive, 1 bath per week
With goats, use a plastic foam mat in the foot bath, to prevent the animals from seeing the liquid. Otherwise they will jump over it

Application & Use

Apply as a 4% solution, twice a week, in a single pass

As a preventative measure, in times of extended damp periods the dose can be increased to 5-10%


Keep out of reach of children

Do not mix with any other products

In case of accidental ingestion, seek urgent medical attention