Acid Buf

Acid Buf Cows

Acid Buf – Dairy

Acid Buf is a highly efficient rumen buffer made from calcareous marine algae.

Its unique honeycomb structure breaks down slowly in the rumen providing twice the buffering capacity of traditional buffers, even when fed at much lower concentrations.

Improves feed efficiency by up to 10%
Increases butterfat and milk protein
Prevents SARA and acidosis


Acidosis and SARA can severely impact herd performance, therefore if the rumen is challenged a long-lasting rumen buffer should be fed. Acid Buf’s honeycomb structure is able to stabilise pH within the rumen over a long time period, buffering the rumen not just the silage.

The result is an improved rumen environment for performance, health and profitability.

On-farm Symptoms:
Weight loss/poor body condition
Variable feed intake
Reduced rumination (cud-chewing)
Cud balls
Mild diarrhoea and/or appearance of undigested grain in faeces
Foamy faeces containing gas bubbles
Low milk fat syndrome

Acid Buf Benefits:

Increases milk production by up to 2 litres per cow/day
Improves milk fat and protein
Reduces the risk of SARA or acidosis
Improves feed efficiency
Increases fibre digestion
Provides a source of bio-available magnesium and calcium
Create space in the diet for more cost-effective feeding
Acid Buf
Feeding Rate:


In the event of a digestive upset or a sudden dietary change, include Acid Buf up to 110g/head/day for dairy cows.