Bio-Chlor Down Calver

Bio-Chlor Down Calver Feed

Bio-Chlor Down Calver

A unique pelleted feed to be fed to cows and heifers during the close up 3 week transition period leading up to calving.
The feed rate is 4kg per cow or heifers per day to be fed ideally in two feeds of 2kg per feed or mixed with forage.
Cows can be fed during the far off dry period at up to 3kg/head/day to prevent weight loss.
A different approach to dry cow nutrition

The aim is to successfully adapt the cow’s rumen for her lactation and give her as good a start as possible by helping to prevent some of the troublesome metabolic problems while maximising the cow’s dry matter intake during this critical period.

Bio-Chlor Down Calver Benefits

Bio-Chlor Down Calver is a ration that can be fed to all cows and heifers at any stage during the dry period as it is not a negative DCAD ration. Enhancing dry matter intake through the unique acid soluble protein in Bio-Chlor. This stimulates the increase of rumen micro-flora and by slowing the decrease in dry matter intake pre-calving.

It can be fed to all cows during their dry period so if there are small numbers to calve or the farmer is unable to group cows pre-calving, cows can be run as one group and be fed a flat rate dependant on the forage available.

A variety of forages, grazing or TMR can be offered when feeding Bio-Chlor Down Calver on your farm.

Bio-Chlor Down Calver Cows