Celmanax Liquid

Prepare the Immune System

With Celmanax your calves get the benefits of multiple feed additives in one consistently high-quality formula.

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The Celmanax Advantage:

The Refined Functional carbohydrates (RFC’s) in Celmanax:

Help prepare the immune system ahead of a challenge so animals can respond quickly when challenges occur
Celmanax leads to fewer problems with E. coli and Salmonella, which gives you healthier calves
Reduced incidence of Cryptosporidiosis by using Celmanax is reported.

Dosage :      Calf Milk – 8ml per day

Celmanax Liquid

Feeding Celmanax in Milk and Milk Replacer

Why it matters and how to do it

Feeding Celmanax to calves in milk replacer:

Promotes positive performance
Aids in calf health
Can help reduce incidence of scours

For the best performance, mix and feed the proper dose of Celmanax to your calves every day.

How to Feed Celmanax in Milk and Milk Replacer

Thoroughly Mix Celmanax into the Milk

Using milk or milk replacer at a feeding temperature of 40.5°C (+/-2), add Celmanax and mix thoroughly to ensure consistent delivery to each calf.

Feed the Right Amount

Follow these feeding rates for Celmanax Liquid and/or SCP to ensure calves get the right amount for optimal health and performance. Celmanax can be fed in one feeding or spread out over multiple feedings.

Feed Celmanax Every Day

Continue feeding Celmanax daily, even when calves are healthy. Feeding Celmanax in calf starter and grower diets helps maintain performance and health both prior to and following weaning.

Celmanax Liquid Dosage

With Celmanax, your calves get the benefits of multiple feed additives in one high-quality formula when mixed and fed using recommended procedures.

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