Stalosan F

Stalosan F Cows

Stalosan F

Multi-Action Germicide – Multiple Benefits

Stalosan F lowers mortality, reduces medication costs, and increases your profitability.

The germicidal powder has a multi-action effect, controlling the pH level and protecting against the microorganisms that cause some of the leading health problems in dairy cows:

Mastitis and high cell count


Hoof Problems

Joint Infections

Benefits of Stalosan F in Dairy Operations:

Reduces bacteria, viral and fungal infections
Reduces parasitic infections and fly infestations
Decreases the pathogenic load on the production system
Reduces parasites, dermatitis, and coccidiosis
Reduces veterinary costs
Improves animal housing conditions

Stalosan F helps you improve your dairy farm health standards

Its active ingredients are proven to kill pathogens and reduce ammonia to improve environmental conditions for cows, calves and handlers alike.

Stalosan F is particularly useful during the spring and fall “wet seasons” and is ideal for:

Spreading in stalls
Dressing calving areas
Using in calf pens/hutches
Stalosan F Benefits
Application Amount:

1 lb/100 ft², 50 g/m²

Provides around the clock protection when applied 3 times per week

By using Stalosan F in your dairy sanitation program, you will:

Reduce Disease – Stalosan F reduces incidence of dermatitis and coccidiosis

Reduce treatment and veterinary costs – In addition to reducing infections and disease, Stalosan F reduces parasitic infections and fly infestations

Improve your production environment – Stalosan F keeps your barn environment drier, and therefore healthier, optimizing cow performance